Meditation workshop in Barcelona


The past has not given us Enlightement and future has not come yet. We have to do with present and live in the moment 🙂 It may be a cliché but to put it to praxis is a different story. We will be happy to teach you that! The introductury evenings (with practical exercise) will take place on 16-17 April (Thursday and Friday) in Barcelona, Spain. The classes will then continue every Saturday evening. If you will practice meditation regularly you can experience the power of inner silence and peace anywhere and anytime.

We don’t offer regular meditations for public but the classes consists of a structured program lasting for about 1 month. There is no need to have previous experiences with meditation, no worries. During the classes we will try together various concentration and meditation exercises; we will talk about healthy life style, inner discipline and the importance of physical fitness for our inner development. All our classes and workshops are for free.

Topics covered at the classes:

  • concentration and meditation exercises
  • when, where and how to meditate
  • controlling our thoughts and emotions
  • physical fitness and healthy life style
  • inner strength and discipline

When: 16-17 April (Thursday & Friday) at 19.30h and then every Saturday
Where: Ateneu el Poblet, Carrer de Nàpols, Barcelona
Fee: free entry but registration is required

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The classes are suitable both for beginners and for people who try to meditate for some time already but find it difficult to do alone. At the classes we are trying to create an atmosphere suitable for meditation and a group of people who meditate in the same way. First meetings happen in lecture rooms, so you don’t need to bring anything except for an open mind and heart 🙂

Finally, to relax your mind, here is some meditation music for you. See you soon!